Winstoninabox Winstoninabox 12 January 2014

New Admin

There hasn't been much activity on this wiki in some time. I'd like to become an admin for the wiki. If there are any active admin or other users out there, then please contact about this.

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Winstoninabox Winstoninabox 1 January 2014

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Hi Wanted Wiki Creaters,

I'm winstoninabox and I'm interested in Wanted: Weapons of Fate. I'm also interested in practicing to work on a wiki. So I've been picking away at stuff on this wiki. Hope you don't mind. Drop me a line.

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DanteVin DanteVin 21 August 2011

What the Wiki needs

Since Wanted Wiki is still in its developmental stage. We need to have features that wiki requires. Here are some of the needs of this wiki. (Accomplished necessities are striked out)

  • Customized Wiki Theme
  • Wiki background
  • Wiki Wordmark
  • Favicon
  • 100+ Pages
  • Template experts
  • Nice Main Page
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Rismail10 Rismail10 8 August 2011

Incredible Job

hello guys, i dont even remember when i had created this wikia. i truly loved the wanted series but i didnt have the time to edit this wiki at all. so i gave up and let the wiki alone. it was probably two or three months ago when i recieved an email saying that people in this community were creating pages and edits. i was astounded and amazed someone actually came up and gave this wiki a chance. again, im still in the same situation where i cant make edits or pages. but i would like to let everyone to keep up the great job. i would also like to thank KevzMarz who is constantly working on this wiki, as well as everyone else who contributes to building this place up. i am hoping we can get more followers to help with this wiki, especially in…

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