The Textile Mill

The Fraternity situated in Chicago, USA. It was in an abandoned textiles factory. It served as the Fraternity's Headquarters and the assassin's lived there. It had a Recovery room, a library with all the kill records in the history of the Fraternity, a cantine, a shooting range and much more. However, after Wesley's attack, in order to avenge his father Cross, both the Texture Mill and the Fraternity were destroyed and dissolved.

Wanted (film)Edit

The Textile Mill in Chicago was used by the Fraternity of Chicago as their Headquarters and, in some ways, as their Fortress. It is unknown when it was founded but was destroyed by Wesley's rampage, which resulted in the complete destruction of the Textile Mill and the deaths of every member of the Fraternity, with the exception of Sloan and Wesley himself.

Wesley's rampage resulted in the deaths of 46 members of the Fraternity and therefore, resulted in the Abolition of the Fraternity in Chicago. It also rendered the Texture Mill completely useless. Only Sloan and Wesley managed to escape. Wesley alone killed 36 members while Fox shot and killed the remaining 10 assassins in the library including herself which showed her true loyalty towards the code. Sloan, although he managed to escape, was killed later by Wesley by the same sniper rifle and same appartment from which Wesley's father Cross shot and killed Mr. X. Thus, killing the last remaining assassin of the Fraternity of Chicago.

Wanted: Weapons of FateEdit

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