Fox CornerShot Movie

Fox, holding the CornerShot

The CornerShot is a fictional weapon enhancement used to shoot targets without exposing the user. It features a rotating barrel and a camera that allows the user to hit their targets even without getting close. (Hot Tone) this is incorrect there is a weapon enhancement called the corner shot do research befor you post. btch what.

Wanted (film)Edit

Fox is shown holding a CornerShot at the grocery were she first met Wesley Gibson. She used it to aim at Cross while taking cover at the grocery. This weapon was disguised as a "camera" until Fox detaches the weapon parts.

Wanted: Weapons of FateEdit

Enemy with CornerShot

An enemy uses the CornerShot

In the late parts of the game, several elite enemies use the CornerShot. This weapon makes the possibility of covering in corners an advantage, as the enemy will never detach from cover, and thus, requiring a Curved Shot in order to be killed.


  • The CornerShot is based on a real weapon accessory: a rifle stock with a pistol and camera attached on a hinge, it allows the operator to both see and attack a target without exposing the operator to counterattack. link