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Shot in the chest

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Wesley Gibson

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Thomas Kretschmann


Wanted (film)

Wanted (film)[]

Cross is portrayed by Thomas Kretschmann and initially appears as the main antagonist of the movie but is later shown to be Wesley's real father and a hero.

Initially a member of the Chicago Fraternity, Cross was their most skilled assassin until he discovered their leader, Sloan, was targeted by the Loom of Fate and had begun manufacturing his own kill orders to hide it and profit from it as assassination service for rich clients who want to remove undesirable people. Before he had a chance to expose him, Sloan turned the Fraternity against him, forcing him on the run. The Fraternity then decided to recruit his son Wesley and use him to kill Cross as he was the only person he [Cross] would never kill.

He is one of the best assassins in the film. Cross is first seen shooting Mr. X with his Fantasy Rifle on top of the Metropolitan building. He then begins hunting for Wesley. He follows him to a grocery store where he gets into a firefight and a car chase with Fox. Cross then fires upon Wesley at his apartment, shooting Wesley in the shoulder. Cross and Pekwarsky meet at a train station where they flee from Wesley and Fox. Pekwarsky gets Wesley alone on the train with Cross. They get into a firefight until the train falls off a bridge. Wesley slips but Cross catches him. But he is shot in the chest by Wesley. Cross then tells Wesley he is his real father and dies. Wesley then realizes that Cross has been chasing him only to prevent him from being influenced by the Fraternity, as he wanted his son to live a life free of violence.

Wesley later atones his father's murder by (successfully) carrying out Cross' pre-planned, one-man assault on the Fraternity in retaliation for them manipulating him into murdering his own father.

Skills & Abilities[]

Cross is undoubtedly one of the, if not the most skilled member of the Fraternity. Capable of waging a one-man war against the entire Fraternity and holding his own against Fox and Wesley in the train. It should be noted that Cross could've killed Fox if it hadn't been for Wesley's rescue.

With his Fantasy rifle he was capable of landing a perfect head shot from miles away.

It should also be noted that the Gunsmith himself admitted that Cross got Rictus with a perfect shot and an impossible angle. Wesley also found out that he never missed a single shot, clearly showing how skilled Cross was.