"My doctor thought I was having an anxiety attack"
— Wesley
Earn EQM

Enhanced Quick Movement (mostly abbreviated as EQM) is a special ability in Wanted: Weapons of Fate. An EQM allows the player to move between two cover points while shooting enemies, slowing down time, and avoiding damage.

After the completion of RUSSIAN'S LAST DANCE the player unlocks EQM. An EQM consumes 2 Adrenaline.

This ability is mandatory in defeating Araña and The Immortal as damage cannot be dealt to them without using EQMs.

Achievements and TrophiesEdit

Wesley versus Immortal

There are two Achievements and Trophies related to EQM:

  • All in the reflexes - Kill 3 enemies in a single EQM. The fight with The Immortal in HOW'S YOUR FATHER? is a good spot since three enemies will appear out of the windows in the middle of the fight.


  • As the player is totally immune to damage during the EQM, land mines, fire extinguishers, grenades, and gas tanks that would otherwise damage the player because they are too close, can be shot without fear of taking damage.
  • An EQM can still be activated without a destination cover point. This results in the player being left without cover after the EQM has finished.
  • The duration of an EQM varies decreases as the difficulty level increase.