Fire Eaters WWOF
The Fire Eaters are the customized pair of pistols used by Cross as his favorite weapons. During the defense of the Chicago Fraternity from the Paris Fraternity, Cross was armed with the Fire Eaters. Wesley finds the Fire Eaters on his father's mummified corpse at the end of Spiders Don't Have Wings in Wanted: Weapons of Fate.


They have the following features:

  • Silencers - Silencers have been added to decrease noise
  • Mini-clip - Clips have been added to these customized pistols for higher bullet capacity
  • Special bullets - Phosphorus bullets are the primary bullets used, while Incendiary bullets are used in the Storm Shrapnel Ability.
  • Strong Coating - These guns were coated with additional Titanium and Chromium metals to provide durability. Hence, it also allows the guns to function properly with Incendiary Ammunition.
Weapons of Fate Gets Fire Eaters

Weapons of Fate Gets Fire Eaters


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  • Storm Shrapnel - the specialized Curved Shot of the Fire Eaters.