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A picture of Wesley wearing the Killer Suit and slitting the throat of a Nightmare.

Wesley slits the throat of a Nightmare.

Heartbeat's End is the blade that Wesley uses during Close Combat kills. It is mainly used for killing nearby enemies, and slitting the throats of Meatshields.


A picture of Wesley killing an enemy with a knife.

Wesley kills an opponent

When the melee icon appears on the screen, this means Wesley can kill the enemy with a blade. For the melee icon to appear and for executing the kill, Wesley must be in the proper position and quick timing is also required;

  • Charge close to an enemy then execute the kill.
  • When an enemy just close to Wesley does not notice him (e.g. Wesley is just on the same cover the enemy is), one can perform the kill easily by means of stealth.
  • Counter-attacking the Nightmare enemies. These enemies charge you with dual blades, and the two will struggle in a close combat fight. Press the "Melee" key repeatedly to ensure the chances of winning. This will be your only chance to kill these enemies, unless you kill them with your firearms first.
  • Killing human shields allows you to hide to a safe place if there are too many enemies in the vicinity.


Like the other weapons in Wanted: Weapons of Fate, this weapon was also customized. Here are some changes when compared to an ordinary blade:

  • Serrated and sharp edges - Ensures a quick kill and maximum damage.
  • Grooved design - To prevent suction when being removed from the victim.


  • The name of the weapons comes from the Heartbeat sound when Wesley is available to perform a melee kill (The melee icon appears), signifying the last heartbeats of the enemy.