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Cross' version of the Killer Suit
"It fits. Not perfect, but close enough. Kinda like us..."
— Wesley, speaking to the corpse of his father

The Killer Suit, is a special assassin suit used by Cross and Wesley during their assassination missions. Those who have successfully undergone training will be able to use this suit, like Cross was. However in the game, this suit was handed to Wesley by Pekwarsky to support him in his missions. The only change made to this suit when Wesley obtained it is that the goggles are now colored red.


This suit was provided in order to protect the wearer from all sorts of environmental hazards. It has the following features:

  • Defensive Kevlar vest bearing the symbol of the Fraternity
  • Defensive "Skull Mask" with a glowing night-vision set of goggles to protect the head of the wearer. It has a functioning gas mask capable of filtrating poisonous gas particles which can cause harm to the user.
  • Ammo belt in which the user can store his weapons
  • Assassin Suit used by veteran assassins composing of a jacket, gloves, and pants.

Wanted: Weapons of Fate[]

The Killer Suit with blue goggles

During the flashback scenes when the player plays as Cross, his complete version of the Killer Suit is only available in Fear of Flying. His son, Wesley Gibson obtains the suit in Spiders Don't Have Wings while starting his journey to take down Araña and The Immortal. However, its goggles had been replaced with reddish/orange ones. It offers protective and defensive boosts when compared to other costumes in the game.

Known Users[]

Here are the assassins known to have this type of suit.

  • Cross - given by The Fraternity (with blue goggles)
  • Wesley Gibson - given by Pekwarsky (with red goggles)
  • The Spider - given by The Fraternity (without mask)


Wanted comics[]

Wanted: Weapons of Fate[]



  • In the game, when Wesley wears the Killer Suit his voice sound coarser. This can probably be explained by the gas mask in the helmet.