Close up kick attack
"Sometimes, you need to take on a more personal approach"
— Wesley

Melee is done with the the melee weapons Knife or the Heartbeat's End. Killing enemies in this fashion is the primary objective in completing Close Combat Mode.


Move the character towards the enemy until the Melee Icon appears. Press the prompted button to kill the enemy. It only takes one hit as the blade is pinned through the enemy's vital parts. Here are some ways in which Melee can be performed.

  1. The fastest (but the most difficult) way to kill an enemy is to charge right up to him and kill him in the moment the icon appears. This can be difficult on shotgun-wielding enemies though.
  2. Flank the enemy by suppressing him with Blind Fire. When the screen turns white you are now in Chaining Cover Mode. The suppressed enemy is unaware of your presence and you can kill him easily.
  3. Enemies like the Nightmare can engage you in a Close Combat Struggle. Press the prompted button repeatedly until the ring is complete. If the player fails in the struggle, the character will be killed by the Nightmare.

Upon successfully executing a Melee the screen is covered with blood. Another interesting fact about the Melee is that the animation will slow down upon the hit of the weapon.


Melee kick Act 2
The Melee's animation varies depending on the position and time where the attack is performed.
  • A Melee while running into the enemy results in a strong stab of the blade or a strong knee jump.
  • A Melee from cover allows the character to reach out for the unaware enemy and kill him with a blade.
  • There is only one melee kill for the Nightmare; the character slits the throat of the weakened enemy.


  • If the prompted Melee button is pressed rapdily before a Nightmare reaches the character, the Nightmare may be killed without engaging in a Close Combat struggle.