A picture of Mister Rictus.

Mr. Rictus

Mister Rictus was once a devout Christian but after an accident that scarred him horribly, he died on the operating table briefly and instead of Heaven, he saw nothing. This concept of nothing filled him with hate, as he had spent much of his life worshiping God and doing the right thing. He had spent years embracing the light, a light which turned out never to be there. What was left was only darkness. These events basically created a man with no conscience. He rapes, slaughters and is known to have sex with animals. During the second issue of Wanted, Mister Rictus says "I don't fuck goats... I make love to them". He gives himself the credit for the plan to permanently stop the heroes.

Eventually he got together with The Professor and the other men who would come to form the Council of Five. As a council, they devised and acted out a plan which removed super heroes all together. When the world was theirs and it was time to split up the resources, Mr. Rictus got the short end of the stick. Solomon Seltzer got North and South America, Adam One got Africa, the Future got Europe, the Emperor got Asia, and Mister Rictus got stuck with Australia. Things were like this for years until finally Mr. Rictus got fed up with it and decided to do something. He gathered forces and attacked The Professor, taking his base and all his resources. It's unclear if he planned to do the same with the other members of the Council since before he could really do anything, he was killed by Wesley Gibson.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the film there is an assassin called Rictus who was mentioned by the gunsmith as being killed by Cross. His dead body can be glimpsed being carried into the Textile Mill.
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