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Mr. X
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Shot in the head

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David O'Hara


Wanted (film)

A picture of Mr. X in the foreground talking to Puja in the background

Mr. X talks to Puja.

"Relax. If your name had come up you'd be dead already."
— Mr. X's first words

Mr. X was an assassin in Wanted. He was killed in the film's first action sequence. He is portrayed by David O'Hara.

Wanted (film)[]

In the beginning of the film Mr. X walks into an office building. He meets with Puja, to try to figure out where Cross is receiving his ammunition from. Puja states it is untraceable, and while saying so, is shot through the head by snipers posing as construction workers on the Metropolitan Building. Mr. X spots the attackers and uses the Assassin Time ability to leap across to the Metropolitian Building, taking out several attackers mid-air. When all the attackers are dead, one of the attackers' phone rings, Mr. X picks it up revealing the caller to be Cross. Mr. X asks why he didn't just face Mr. X by himself. Cross states "They were just decoys" and then shoots Mr. X through the head. The bullet then rewinds back to Cross's Fantasy Rifle.

Sloan tricked Wesley Gibson into believing that Mr. X was his real father. What Wesley did not know was that the person who killed Mr. X was his true father. Sloan framed Cross so that he could be killed by someone whom he cannot hurt, that is his son, Wesley.


Mr. X used a Flyswatter 92 Berretato take out the attackers on top the Metropoloton building. It is then used by Wesley, after being given to him by Sloan, to shoot the wings off of the flies. Wesley then uses it against Cross in the alleys and on the train.