A picture from the game's promotional material showing a Nightmare and Wesley in close combat.

Wesley versus a Nightmare.

"Holy shit boys, didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with knives?"
— Wesley, upon seeing the first Nightmare

Nightmares are a minor enemy in Wanted: Weapons of Fate.


Nightmares wear a blue hooded jacket with the emblem of the Fraternity on the back, and are armed with a pair of long blades. The player can identify that a Nightmare is attacking because of his screaming.


Nightmares are encountered first in SHUT THE FUCK UP when ambushed in the burning building.


As Nightmares engage the player solely in Melee, there is a small window of oppurtinity to shoot the Nightmare when it rushes forward. If the Nightmare isn't killed before it reaches the player, the Nightmare engages the player in a close combat struggle. The player needs to tap the Melee button quickly during the struggle in order to fill the meter around the icon. When the meter is full, it will turn red and the player succeeds in killing the Nightmare. However, if the player isn't quick enough, the character is instantly killed. By tapping the Melee button immediately as it appears the player can avoid the close combat struggle.

Unlockables and RewardsEdit

Completing Close Combat Mode unlocks the Nightmare as a playable character.