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Cause of Death

Shot in the head

Killed By

Wesley Gibson

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Morgan Freeman


Wanted (film)

Sloan was the leader of the Chicago Fraternity a master assassin and the main antagonist in Wanted. He is portrayed by Morgan Freeman.

Wanted (film)[]

Sloan is the leader of the Fraternity and has called upon Wesley Gibson to take out Cross, a rogue assassin who has betrayed The Fraternity. Wesley is brought to Sloan by Fox, who then gives Wesley the customized Flyswatter Beretta 92 handgun which belonged to Mr. X (the man whom Wesley believes is his father). Wesley is sent on multiple assignments as a new assassin. Sloan lets Wesley go to kill Cross, which he does but realizes Sloan has been creating his own Kill Orders (in which his name came up on). Wesley confronts Sloan to avenge his real father, Cross, but is outnumbered by other assassins including Fox. Sloan tells them that it is true and that every person currently in the Office room had their names come up. He then leaves, when Fox kills all the assassins with a Curved Shot, following the code. Sloan then meets Wesley again in his cubicle to kill him but is shot through his head by the real Wesley, killing him instantly.

Wanted: Weapons of Fate[]

Sloan is seen in the flashback scene in the Textile Mill, in which Cross protected the Fraternity. Cross's allegiance was changed when he saw a Kill Order with his name signed by Sloan. With this, he knew that Sloan sent the Paris Fraternity to kill Cross.

Cross then rushed to the Office Room to know the truth, be he finds himself surrounded by Sloan's loyal men. Cross then manages to escape the Headquarters of the Fraternity, but nothing more is known about Cross after that hour.