The Doll-Master
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Mister Rictus

The Doll-Master is the most docile, kind-hearted, well-spoken gentlemen you'll ever meet and he's also one of the Fraternity's best assassins. He'll blow up a bank, killing dozens and rob what's left, but he'll leave the toilet seat down for his wife. He'll order his "babies" to fillet a man to bits but he'll never swear in front of his children. He has a wife, two beautiful daughters, a house in the suburbs, and he wears a bow tie. He's got a smile that's caught somewhere between "Kindly old uncle" and "Pedophile"


Eventually, Doll-Master's life was blown apart. Mister Rictus and his gang had already raped and killed his family when they got to him and showed him the pictures. Before they tried to kill him, they asked if he had any last words. These last words (as he turned to his dolls) were

"Boys, I want you to kill these motherfuckers".

But even his dolls could not save him, Rictus and his gang blew up the house successfully killing both the dolls and their master.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Doll-master is very similar to the DC comics villain the Toy Man, power wise. Doll-master has complete control over a pack of killing toy dolls which will follows his every command willfully as well as other gadgets. Although they seem to have a mind of there own, such as when one of the dolls flipped off Mr. Rictus.