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"You don't know who you are, or what you have."
— The Immortal's last words to Wesley

The Immortal was the main antagonist in Wanted: Weapons of Fate.


The Immortal's damaged face.

The Immortal was a member of the Paris Fraternity. When Cross betrayed the Fraternity, The Immortal was tasked to hunt him down. It was even hinted in their argument from Act 4 that the two had had a rivalry for Alyse. When The Immortal was chasing Cross on top of a train, Cross shot a bullet into the barrel of The Immortal's handgun, making it explode and damaging the Immortal's face. When Wesley and The Immortal finally fought in the Bell Tower, The Immortal told the truth that it was really Cross who killed Wesley's mother. This revelation filled Wesley with anger, and he killed The Immortal after the fight, however in the PC version the bullet curves and hit the floor, a zipper sound is heard and Wesley start urinating on The Immortal's face.


Wesley battles The Immortal

The Immortal's boss fight strategy is very similar to Araña, in that it is imperative to use Enhanced Quick Movement. This is because he is so fast that Curved Bullets have no effect on him. The major difference between the two fights is that now the player has the Fire Eaters, which can fire the Storm Shrapnel. Its use is advised.

The Immortal's combat patterns are also easy to follow as he will only move from two cover points. In the middle of the fight, minor enemies will appear from the location where he is hiding, and one enemy will get up close to Wesley and so provide a free Melee kill which replenishes the two Adrenaline that are needed for the EQM.

Repeat these patterns and he can be defeated in no time. Also make precise shots as one EQM can potentially take one quarter of his health.

Unlockables and Rewards[]

The Immortal is available as a player character by beating the game on Assassin difficulty.



  • The Immortal's voice and likeness were provided by Swedish actor Peter Stormare.
  • When playing as The Immortal in the game, one can see that the face is covered with multiple bandages and is now stitched. This is likely done to reduce the gore. Interestingly, the player's vision in the game is not changed, even though The Immortal has his eye covered in bandages. This might be a developer oversight.