The Killer is a difficulty level in Wanted: Weapons of Fate. It is the highest level of difficulty, comparable to Hard in other games.


The player first needs to finish Assassin on any game mode in order to unlock The Killer.


When compared to the Pussy and Assassin difficulties The Killer difficulty requires additional tactics and expert play. The notable changes in this difficulty when compared to the previous two are:

  • The target crosshairs in Assassin Time are not displayed.
  • No Heads-Up Display in Assassin Time.
  • Wesley can be killed with only a few shots.
  • Enemies and Bosses are much harder to kill.
  • No automatic targetting for Curved Bullet shots.
  • No pulse on Enhanced Quick Movements makes targetting enemies more difficult.
  • Traps like Fire Extinguishers and Gas Cans can kill Wesley instantly, much like land mines.
  • Ammunition pick-ups are scarce.