A picture of Wesley.


Wesley Gibson is voiced by Jimmi Simpson.


Five hours after Wesley killed Sloan, a group of disguised SWAT Officers scavenged his room for the Kill Order, Wesley then chased the SWAT Leader and killed him. He met Pekwarsky, the ammunition specialist from the film, and the best friend of his father. Pekwarsky revealed to him the truth and the secrets of the Fraternity, from the death of his mother and up to the betrayal of his father to the Fraternity.

With this, Wesley seeks revenge in the Fraternity in order to find more clues. He stormed the damaged Textile Mill to kill the Russian. But one of Wesley's main purpose is to find the binary codes of each guardian of the Loom. Until the time comes when Wesley was prepared to fight the Paris Fraternity, in which he has known himself to be forbidden by the Code and this is the cause why his parents died and how the Paris Fraternity chases him.
A picture of Wesley and Pekarsky talking.

Wesley talks with Pekwarsky.

Upon acquiring his father's Suit and weapons, Wesley took on every Fraternity member Mont St. Millar up to the Church where The Immortal is hiding.

The Immortal then tells Wesley another truth that his mother Alyse was actually killed by Cross. This filled Wesley with anger, and he killed The Immortal.